Something Old, Something New

I have been very pleased by the response to my post yesterday entitled “Where Have All the Good Blogs Gone?“, which tried to offer  some optimism after the recently announced closures of two well-known genre sites, SF Signal and My Bookish Ways. Pleased not just because this has been the most popular post on my site for… Continue reading Something Old, Something New

Where Have All the Good Blogs Gone?

  Two very well-known and much-loved genre sites have announced their closure over the last few days. First SF Signal, long-running multi-contributor site established by John DeNardo and JP Frantz. Then My Bookish Ways, the blog of SF Signal associate editor Kristin Centorcelli. These closures have prompted renewed discussion about  various issues that have been… Continue reading Where Have All the Good Blogs Gone?

Resolution Solution

The year is nearly  over, but there is still time to carry out a resolution for 2015. I have previously published various lists of links to science fiction and fantasy blogs that I think would be of interest to fans. It has been a year (December 2014) since I published such a list, so there… Continue reading Resolution Solution

A (Virtual) Room of One’s Own

The link post, in which I list some sites that I think might be interesting to other people, used to be a regular feature here on SCy-Fy. However, it has been many months since I posted one (you can find the old ones in the “SFF Links” tab in the menu), so I am today starting another series… Continue reading A (Virtual) Room of One’s Own

Coming Out of the Library

Lynn of Lynn’s Books made a request of me a few days ago: “…as you’ve interviewed so may people, it would be interesting to read a few facts about the interviewer!” Thanks Lynn, for encouraging me to emerge from my library for a few moments! Here goes: I was born in a small town in Australia… Continue reading Coming Out of the Library

Booktubers, Vlogs and Other Visions

Are you watching? There’s a visual counter-revolution underway. A month ago, I posted about podcasts, saying that they represented an audio fightback after years of domination by TV and related media. Youtube is creating a similar fightback for visual media over the internet. Maybe you are already a regular viewer of science fiction and fantasy content on… Continue reading Booktubers, Vlogs and Other Visions

Science Fiction Podcasts

Originally posted on Planetary Defense Command:
SCy-Fy posted a list of science fiction podcasts last month, and more recently has been running a series of interviews with sci-fi podcasters. Despite being a regular consumer of audio content, I haven’t started listening to podcasts yet. A friend recommended a non-fiction podcast, Hardcore History, and I became…

Are You Listening to Podcasts?

Can you hear it? There’s an audio counter-revolution underway. Maybe you are already a card-holding member of the vanguard. If not, there’s a whole new aural world to discover. Good old radio has reinvented itself as podcasts – audio files that can be listened to in various ways, such as on iPods (hence the name)… Continue reading Are You Listening to Podcasts?

Still More Science Fiction and Fantasy Blogs

Here are some more SFF blogs that I follow and which I think deserve to be better known: Fantasy Review Barn Mad Hatter’s Bookshelf My Bookish Ways SF Potpourri Speculative Book Review Qwillery Tsana’s Reads and Reviews Weirdmage’s Reviews Elitist Book Reviews   SIGN UP BY… Continue reading Still More Science Fiction and Fantasy Blogs

More Science Fiction and Fantasy Blogs

I previously posted lists of well-and lesser-known SFF blogs. Here are some further blogs that I follow that I think should be better known. Happy reading! A Bitter Draft A Fantastical Librarian Science-fictionality BiblioSanctum Bibliotropic Southern African Speculative Fiction Review Far Beyond Reality MMOGC SciFi Chick… Continue reading More Science Fiction and Fantasy Blogs