Science Fiction Podcasts

Planetary Defense Command calls up the podcast army!

Planetary Defense Command

SCy-Fy posted a list of science fiction podcasts last month, and more recently has been running a series of interviews with sci-fi podcasters.

Despite being a regular consumer of audio content, I haven’t started listening to podcasts yet. A friend recommended a non-fiction podcast, Hardcore History, and I became aware of several of the sci-fi podcasts on SCy-Fy’s list through their Goodreads groups or twitter feeds, but I never followed through and became a listener.

I always seem to have a backlog of audiobooks to listen to, which is probably the main reason I haven’t investigated alternate forms of audio content. It’s possible there’s a technical solution to the other reason for my reluctance: most podcasts appear to cover multiple topics in each episode, and I don’t think that there’s a convenient method for skipping over topics if one of them isn’t of interest. (I use an Ipod shuffle…

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