Booktubers, Vlogs and Other Visions

Are you watching? There’s a visual counter-revolution underway. A month ago, I posted about podcasts, saying that they represented an audio fightback after years of domination by TV and related media. Youtube is creating a similar fightback for visual media over the internet.

Maybe you are already a regular viewer of science fiction and fantasy content on Youtube. If not, there is a lot to discover: search for channels that interest you, sign up for free and watch them when you like, comment and share.

There are many Youtube channels that specialise in discussing books. These have their own name – “booktubers”. The more general title “vlogs” covers those “video blogs” that discuss not only books but television shows, movies and much more.

A common criticism of the booktuber community is that it consists mostly of teenagers talking about Young Adult books. Some of the suggested channels below fall at least partly into that category, but that is far from all there is.

Below is a list of science fiction and fantasy channels that I have discovered so far and subscribed to. They are of many different types, so there should be something here for all fans, and there’s literally no limit to what else you might be able to discover:


Book Riot


Fast Forward

Geek and Sundry

Books and Pieces

Nicole’s Adventures in SFF

Common Touch of Fantasy


The Android’s Conundrum


Kitty G

Novels and Nonsense

Bitten by a Radioactive Book


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