A (Virtual) Room of One’s Own

The link post, in which I list some sites that I think might be interesting to other people, used to be a regular feature here on SCy-Fy. However, it has been many months since I posted one (you can find the old ones in the “SFF Links” tab in the menu), so I am today starting another series of them.

I have previously listed, linked to and interviewed many of the biggest blogs and podcasts such as SF Signal, SFF World, Skiffy & Fanty, Tor.com and Starship Sofa, and a number of my internet contacts appear regularly on those sites. The focus of today’s post, though, is: where do these guys hang out when they are not on the big sites? Where do they collate their various interests, rant and rave about private obsessions, talk about their own writing or other projects, or just run around in their cyber-nightgown (or worse)?

Thing is, everyone needs a virtual room of their own. This is mine:

Hild's Tavern

Ever-so-slightly retro and ever-so-empty. Which is why I go searching for virtual friends hiding in their own private places, and invite them in for a cup of mead and a side of boar. (By the way, these photos I have started including in posts were taken by my wife on our travels).

So let’s go and disturb ten internet genre stars and hope that we can catch them at a faintly embarrassing moment:

Shaun Duke (Skiffy & Fanty) – The World in the Satin Bag

Paul Weimer (SF Signal and elsewhere) – Blog, Jvstin Style

David Annandale (Skiffy & Fanty)

Michael R Underwood  (Skiffy and elsewhere) – Geek Theory

Rob Bedford (Tor.com and elsewhere) – Rob’s Blog o’ Stuff

Luke Brown (SFF World) – Tangle of Dendrites

Andrea Johnson (SF Signal) – Little Red Reviewer

Kristin Centorcelli (SF Signal) – My Bookish Ways

Jeremy Szal (Starship Sofa) – Galaxy Blog

Justin Landon (Tor.com)

Have a good peek through their virtual window – take a snack from their fridge if you can – but just don’t tell them who gave you the address…


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