Interview with Jim Freund (Hour of the Wolf)

It’s 3am and I’m running with the pack led by Jim Freund, host of the long-running live radio program, Hour of the Wolf. SCy-Fy: Jim, you started out a very long time ago. JF: I have been involved in producing radio programs of and about literary sf/f since 1967, when I began working at New… Continue reading Interview with Jim Freund (Hour of the Wolf)

Interview with Jerry Stearns (Great Northern Audio)

Tonight I’ll be jamming till dawn with Jerry Stearns, host of Sound Affects: A Radio Playground, and half of the Great Northern Audio Theatre. SCy-Fy: Jerry, podcasts are becoming very popular at the moment, but you work on audio in a completely different way. JS: What I do is a weekly broadcast hour of modern audio… Continue reading Interview with Jerry Stearns (Great Northern Audio)

Are You Listening to Podcasts?

Can you hear it? There’s an audio counter-revolution underway. Maybe you are already a card-holding member of the vanguard. If not, there’s a whole new aural world to discover. Good old radio has reinvented itself as podcasts – audio files that can be listened to in various ways, such as on iPods (hence the name)… Continue reading Are You Listening to Podcasts?