SFF Interview Index

The 200th post on this blog is an early piece of new year’s resolution-satisfaction. I promised myself that in 2016 I would finally compile and publish a complete index of my series of interviews with SFF bloggers and other genre people that concluded six months ago.

At last, links to all 102 of them are set out below; please scroll and click to your heart’s content.

Looking over the list again, it is striking that some of these people have already ceased the activity I interviewed them about just last year. Some are casualties of blog burnout, or of real-life catchup, but some want to focus on their own fiction writing. Others have joined the teams on big, established sites.

On the other side, a positive aspect is that some of the new faces I chose to interview have built on the promise that I saw and are well on the way to filling in the gaps left by the retirement of some of the veterans.

These aspects of changing fandom are discussed seriously in many of the interviews. Some of the others are more comical. I thoroughly enjoyed conducting all of them and I also enjoyed getting to know more closely such an interesting, passionate group of people.

I read my questions out to a listening world, and scribbled down the answers that echoed back… .

  1. John DeNardo (SF Signal)
  2. Christopher Garcia (Journey Planet)
  3. Mieneke van der Salm (A Fantastical Librarian)
  4. Angela (SciFiChick)
  5. Tyson Mauermann (Speculative Book Review)
  6. Rabindranauth (Drunken Dragon Reviews)
  7. Galen Strickland (Templeton Gate)
  8. Tom Merritt (Sword & Laser)
  9. Charles Christian (Urban Fantasist)
  10. Ian Sales (SF Mistressworks)
  11. Graham Sim (Stranger Views)
  12. Nathan (Fantasy Review Barn)
  13. Pep (Two Dudes in an Attic)
  14. Dakota Lopez (Geekritique)
  15. Pat Doherty (A Bitter Draft)
  16. Stefan Fergus (Civilian Reader)
  17. Steven Diamond (Elitist Book Reviews)
  18. Mihai (Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews)
  19. Aidan Moher (A Dribble of Ink)
  20. Ria Bridges (Bibliotropic)
  21. Adam Whitehead (The Wertzone)
  22. Jared Shurin (Pornokitsch)
  23. David Barr Kirtley (Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy)
  24. Jessie Willis (SFFaudio)
  25. Joe Crowe (Revolution SF)
  26. Jason Sizemore (Apex Magazine)
  27. Patrick Hester (Functional Nerds)
  28. Jerry Stearns (Great Northern Audio)
  29. Paul Weimer (passim)
  30. Shellie (Layers of Thought)
  31. Tabitha Jensen (Not Yet Read)
  32. Dave Robison (Wonderthing Studios)
  33. Rob Bedford (SFFWorld, SF Signal, Tor.com)
  34. Neil Clarke (Clarkesworld)
  35. Summer Brooks (Slice of SciFi)
  36. Galactic Suburbia
  37. Jim Freund (Hour of the Wolf)
  38. Dave Probert (Geek Planet Online)
  39. Speculate!
  40. Sarah Chorn (Bookworm Blues)
  41. Kristin Centorcelli (My Bookish Ways)
  42. Kalanadi
  43. Paul Weymouth (Common Touch of Fantasy)
  44. Michael Pauli (Bitten by a radioactive book)
  45. Elizabeth (Books and Pieces)
  46. Stephenie Sheung (Bibliosanctum)
  47. Katherine (The Android’s Conundrum)
  48. Nicole Poweleit (Nicole’s Adventures in SFF)
  49. Samantha Ulrich (Novels and Nonsense)
  50. Kaitlin Gray (Kitty G)
  51. Lynne Thomas (SF Squeecast)
  52. Defying Doomsday
  53. Lynn Williams (Lynn’s Book Blog)
  54. Mike Zipser (Fast Forward)
  55. Bob Milne (Beauty in Ruins)
  56. Leona Henry (Grimdark Alliance)
  57. Scott Andrews (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)
  58. Andrea Johnson (Little Red Reviewer)
  59. Lisa McCurrach (Over the Effing Rainbow)
  60. Philippe Sylvain (A Fantasy Reader)
  61. Romeo Kennedy (Sleepless Musings)
  62. Adrienne Odasso (Strange Horizons)
  63. Brent Bowen (Adventures in Scifi Publishing)
  64. Megan (From Couch to Moon)
  65. Michael Senft (Relentless Reading)
  66. The Skiffy and Fanty Show
  67. Mervi (Mervi’s Book Reviews)
  68. Wendell Adams (Bookwraiths)
  69. William Eckman (Planetary Defense Command)
  70. Charles Tan
  71. Lisa Taylor (Tenacious Reader)
  72. Rinn (Rinn Reads)
  73. Ken Neth (Neth Space)
  74. Aidan Moher
  75. The Marvelous Reading Room
  76. Nicolette Stewart (Book Punks)
  77. Nerds of a Feather
  78. ATG Reviews
  79. Steve Davidson (Amazing Stories)
  80. Anthony Vicino (One Lazy Robot)
  81. Diane Severson (StarShipSofa and Amazing Stories)
  82. Shana Dubois (Books Abound)
  83. Rob Matheny (The Grim Tidings Podcast)
  84. Jeremy Szal (StarShipSofa)
  85. Dag Rambraut (SFFWorld)
  86.  The Three Hoarsemen
  87. Dave Nelson (Galactic Netcasts)
  88. DJ (MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape)
  89. Carl V. Anderson (Stainless Steel Droppings)
  90. Mihir Wanchoo (Fantasy Book Critic)
  91. Fantasy Literature
  92. James Schmidt (mightythorjrs)
  93. Bryce (Only the Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy)
  94. Nalini Haynes (Dark Matter Zine)
  95. Steve Drew (Reddit Fantasy)
  96. Jonah Sutton-Morse (Cabbages and Kings)
  97. Ben (Best Fantasy Books)
  98. A.J. Blakemont
  99. Joe Sherry (Adventures in Reading)
  100. Luke Brown (SFFWorld)
  101. Brock (Let’s Read)
  102. Fergus McCartan (The Quiet Fantasy Book Blog)


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