Reviews Roundup

Here are some further reviews of CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT that have been published since the ebook release two days ago. The response is very encouraging so far: an average rating of 4.3 on Amazon.

Read A Fantastical Librarian’s review here

Read The Eloquent Page’s review here

“Recommended if you’re looking for a fresh and exciting experience in an otherwise overcrowded genre” – The Fictional Hangout Read the full review here

Read x+1’s review here

“For fans of Y-A and younger readers there’s a lot to like in Children of the Different and I’d definitely recommend it to you. Likewise, adults and post-apocalyptic fans will also find enjoyment in the book too”. – The Tattooed Book Geek Read the full review here

“Solid characters, a really good setting, and some nice twists to the plot. Recommended!” – Who’s Dreaming Who Read the full review here


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