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My novel CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT is now available on Amazon in Kindle ebook and audiobook.

To publicise the book, tomorrow I will be starting a three-week blog tour on various sites and podcasts. There will be guest posts, interviews, chat and more. Here is where you can find me:


September 14 – Geekritique and also live streaming on Youtube with Galactic Netcasts

September 15 – Beauty in Ruins

September 16 – Speculative Book Review

September 17 – Dab of Darkness

September 18 – SFFWorld

September 19 – MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape and also Books for Life

September 20 – TheTattooedBookGeek

September 21 – From the Wastes

September 22 – The Irresponsible Reader and Galactic Netcasts podcast

September 23 – Books Without Any Pictures

September 24 – A Fantastical Librarian

September 25 – MightyThorJRS

September 26 – Planetary Defense Command

September 27 – Books, Bones & Buffy

September 28 – B&N Sci-Fi

September 29 – Over the Effing Rainbow

September 30 – Fantasy Book Critic

October 2 – Smash Dragons

October 3 – Jeremy Szal’s Galaxy Blog

October 5 – Bookwraiths


I am looking forward to it – see you somewhere on the internet!

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