It’s Live!

It’s publication day! Yes, my novel CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT is now available on Amazon on Kindle and audiobook.

When I announced this project months ago, I said that my goal was to offer a product as good as that of the big publishers. My thanks to the all-pro support team who helped me to achieve this: artist Eric Nyquist, copyeditor Richard Shealy, formatter Jason Sizemore and narrator Stephen Briggs.

Thanks and love as ever to my wife Claudia, who encouraged and supported me along the way. Thanks also to everyone in the speculative fiction community who helped in some way or took an interest in what I was trying to do.

I posted yesterday a summary of the advance reviews: CHILDREN has so far been very well received. Thanks to all the reviewers, past, present and future. I will be posting regular review updates as we go forward.

I hope you all enjoy CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT: if you do, please review/rate and tell your friends about it!

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