Coming Out of the Library

Lynn of Lynn’s Books made a request of me a few days ago: “…as you’ve interviewed so may people, it would be interesting to read a few facts about the interviewer!” Thanks Lynn, for encouraging me to emerge from my library for a few moments! Here goes: I was born in a small town in Australia… Continue reading Coming Out of the Library

SF Masterworks: The First 24

Here at SCy-Fy, we don’t often sit in judgement on books (not publicly, anyway); we ask a lot of questions and then some more. Today will be different. The reason is that I have just finished reading the first 24 books in Gollancz’s SF Masterworks series. This is a goal I have had for some… Continue reading SF Masterworks: The First 24

Life Without my Library

Being away from my library due to my day job has made me nostalgic, I guess.  After a lot of work, I have finally loaded the books in my library on to Goodreads, with ratings for each one. A picture paints a thousand books – actually, 1,643 of them, according to Goodreads. I think I must also be… Continue reading Life Without my Library