Life Without my Library

Being away from my library due to my day job has made me nostalgic, I guess.  After a lot of work, I have finally loaded the books in my library on to Goodreads, with ratings for each one.

S. C. Flynn's library

A picture paints a thousand books – actually, 1,643 of them, according to Goodreads.

I think I must also be missing my blogger/podcaster/booktuber interview series that concluded recently. I realised this when I spent last weekend sitting in a big old bookshop here in Dublin talking to myself.

So what to do? Well, as I said above, I have now replicated my library on Goodreads and today and tomorrow I will be asking questions of people – including Emma Newman, Peter Newman, Adrian Tchaikovsky and Liz Bourke – at Octocon in Dublin.

In my library
I feel less lonely already.

8 thoughts on “Life Without my Library

  1. That’s a beautiful library! Where is it? We left our library in Hannover when we moved to Paris and I missed it a lot! Now we’re back and the library is in pure chaos!!

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      1. It has been nice, but some major rearrangement is in order. We need to integrate new acquisitions… So you’ll be returning to Italy eventually? Have fun at Octocon!


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