Interview with Summer Brooks (Slice of SciFi)

I’m talking with Summer Brooks, show host and producer of Slice of SciFi, a podcast and internet radio show focused on scifi genre entertainment. SCy-Fy: Slice of SciFi re-launched a few months ago. What are your plans for this new phase, Summer? SB: Finding a new momentum. Slice of SciFi has been out there, on terrestrial… Continue reading Interview with Summer Brooks (Slice of SciFi)

Interview with Dave Robison (Roundtable Podcast)

My guest today is Dave Robison, founder and host of the Roundtable Podcast. SCy-Fy: How do you prepare for a show, Dave? DR: Each episode of the RTP starts with a “creageous” (creative and courageous) Guest Writer submitting a request to be on the show. Part of the Guest Query form includes a list of authors/editors… Continue reading Interview with Dave Robison (Roundtable Podcast)

Interview with Podcaster Paul Weimer

My guest today is genre reader, writer and podcaster Paul Weimer. SCy-Fy: Paul, you are involved in a wide variety of podcasts. How do you ensure that you are always well prepared? PW: Research, Research, Research. If I am on Skiffy and Fanty and we’re talking to an author, I’ve read the book and thought about… Continue reading Interview with Podcaster Paul Weimer

Interview with Patrick Hester (Functional Nerds)

My guest today is author, blogger, podcaster, two-time Hugo Award winner, and all-round Functional Nerd Patrick Hester (@atfmb). SCy-Fy: Patrick, you’ve done a huge number of podcast episodes – what is the major challenge with podcasts? PH: The biggest issue most podcasts run into is time. It takes a lot to keep a podcast alive… Continue reading Interview with Patrick Hester (Functional Nerds)

Interview with Joe Crowe (RevolutionSF)

Today’s guest is Joe Crowe, co-founder of, home of the RevolutionSF Roundtable podcast, which showcases commentary, criticism and comedy about sci-fi entertainment. SCy-Fy: Joe, you are clearly very enthusiastic about podcasting. JC: Podcasting is the new version of something many of us did when we were kids: talk into a recorder and pretend to be an… Continue reading Interview with Joe Crowe (RevolutionSF)

Science Fiction Podcasts

Originally posted on Planetary Defense Command:
SCy-Fy posted a list of science fiction podcasts last month, and more recently has been running a series of interviews with sci-fi podcasters. Despite being a regular consumer of audio content, I haven’t started listening to podcasts yet. A friend recommended a non-fiction podcast, Hardcore History, and I became…

Interview with Jesse Willis (SFFaudio)

Today I’ll be talking to Jesse Willis from SFFaudio. SCy-Fy: Tell me a bit about the focus of SFFaudio, Jesse. JW: Unlike most folks I see podcasting, SFFaudio looks mostly backward. The median age of the books we talk about is probably in the 1910s or 1920s. We do modern books, but not as often.… Continue reading Interview with Jesse Willis (SFFaudio)