Interview with Jesse Willis (SFFaudio)

Today I’ll be talking to Jesse Willis from SFFaudio. SCy-Fy: Tell me a bit about the focus of SFFaudio, Jesse. JW: Unlike most folks I see podcasting, SFFaudio looks mostly backward. The median age of the books we talk about is probably in the 1910s or 1920s. We do modern books, but not as often.… Continue reading Interview with Jesse Willis (SFFaudio)

Are You Listening to Podcasts?

Can you hear it? There’s an audio counter-revolution underway. Maybe you are already a card-holding member of the vanguard. If not, there’s a whole new aural world to discover. Good old radio has reinvented itself as podcasts – audio files that can be listened to in various ways, such as on iPods (hence the name)… Continue reading Are You Listening to Podcasts?