Reviews Roundup IV

It has been far too long since I did a roundup of recent reviews of my novel Children of the Different so today I aim to fix that. Reviews are still coming in and maintain the high level of appreciation that I have been pleased to see so far:   Fantasy Book Review says “Left me wanting more… Continue reading Reviews Roundup IV

Cover Reveal Announcement

Hi everybody! A while back, I announced the publication on September 10 2016 of my Australian post-apocalyptic fantasy novel CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT. This has generated a nice amount of interest – thanks for that! I also announced a star support team, including Californian artist Eric Nyquist. Over the last months, Eric has been working to… Continue reading Cover Reveal Announcement

Blowing a Shorter Trumpet

Thanks to everyone who responded to or shared my recent announcement about my upcoming Australian post-apocalyptic fantasy novel CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT (go here to see the announcement.) The Hive is buzzing nicely! The positive reaction has been very pleasing. Thanks especially to everyone who offered guest post space or expressed an interest in receiving… Continue reading Blowing a Shorter Trumpet

Blowing my Own Trumpet

Hello everybody! I am publishing a Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy novel later this year entitled CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT. The setting is Western Australia (where I am from); I hope the novel is interesting to you. Here is the blurb: Nineteen years ago, a brain disease known as the Great Madness killed most of the world’s population.… Continue reading Blowing my Own Trumpet