Blowing a Shorter Trumpet

Thanks to everyone who responded to or shared my recent announcement about my upcoming Australian post-apocalyptic fantasy novel CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT (go here to see the announcement.) The Hive is buzzing nicely!

The positive reaction has been very pleasing. Thanks especially to everyone who offered guest post space or expressed an interest in receiving an Advance Review Copy; I will be taking up each and every one of your kind offers!

I am happy to announce that I have now chosen the last member of my all-star support team for the publication of CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT. The audiobook will be narrated by Stephen Briggs, a very experienced Australian voice professional. I love what Stephen is doing with the narration, and particularly his interpretation of the mysterious villain known as the Anteater. Stephen not only has a great voice (voices, actually) but he is a writer himself, which brings extra empathy to his interpretation. A free audio sample will be available on my site in the pre-order phase, together with a free written extract.

I am currently organising the cover reveal for the Eric Nyquist artwork, which will be a real event! I can’t wait to share Eric’s vision of the novel with you. At around the same time as the reveal, the above-mentioned audio and print extracts will be made available and pre-ordering will start (ebook, print and audiobook), along with announcement of the publication date. Somewhere in there, I will be sending out Advance Review Copies.

So, there is a lot to do, but your support and encouragement is helping me go forward. Thanks again – bzzzzzzzz!


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