The Great Fantasy Novel Sale

For a few years now, a fantasy novel competition has been run under the sponsorship of well-known novelist Mark Lawrence, known as the SPFBO (or “Spiffbo”). SPFBO4 started on 1 August; go here for the official page on Mark’s site. It is a winner-takes-all contest adjudicated by 10 blogs, and is therefore a great way to discover… Continue reading The Great Fantasy Novel Sale

Fantasy Novel Blog-off

This year’s fantasy novel blog-off competition (SPFBO4) begins on Wednesday. SPFBO is a showcase for genre writing. Author Mark Lawrence is the competition’s inventor; you can read about the competition here. My novel THE HIDDEN FACE is entered this year: A face without a face – an unmasking that leaves the mask. Once every few… Continue reading Fantasy Novel Blog-off

Paperback version of The Hidden Face

Hi! I am pleased to say that the paperback version of The Hidden Face is available now from Amazon. I have priced it as low as the publishing platform will allow me to! This print version is a thing of beauty. Artist and designer team John di Giovanni and Shawn T. King are justifiably becoming very… Continue reading Paperback version of The Hidden Face

The Hidden Face blog tour summary

The blog tour for my epic fantasy novel The Hidden Face has just concluded. The tour featured eight characters from the novel responding to it on eight different sites – thanks to all the sites for participating! Here are the blog tour posts in order: have a browse and get to know the characters from The… Continue reading The Hidden Face blog tour summary

Publication Day: The Hidden Face

It’s publication day for The Hidden Face! The ebook is now available for just 99 cents/pence at the following stores: Amazon (Kindle) Kobo Barnes & Noble (Nook) Apple (iBook)   I am really pleased to finally be able to share this story. Thanks to the production team: Paul Weimer, Richard Shealy, Tim Marquitz, John Di… Continue reading Publication Day: The Hidden Face

Blog Tour: The Hidden Face

Here are the dates for the blog tour around the publication of my epic fantasy novel The Hidden Face on Saturday November 25:   Thursday 23 November: Bookworm Blues Friday 24 November: Fantasy-Faction Saturday 25 November (publication day): Fantasy Book Critic Sunday 26 November: Bookwraiths Monday 27 November: The Tattooed Book Geek Tuesday 28 November: Beauty in… Continue reading Blog Tour: The Hidden Face

99 cents Pre-Order: The Hidden Face by S. C. Flynn

Hi! I am pleased to say that my epic fantasy novel THE HIDDEN FACE is now available for pre-order on the following stores for just $£€0.99: Amazon (Kindle) Kobo Barnes & Noble (Nook) Apple (iBook) Pre-order now and the ebook will be delivered to you on publication day (25 November), with the special discount price of… Continue reading 99 cents Pre-Order: The Hidden Face by S. C. Flynn