Interview with Neil Clarke (Clarkesworld, Forever, Upgraded)

My guest today is Neil Clarke, editor of Clarkesworld, Forever, and Upgraded, and a three-time Hugo Award Nominee for Best Editor (short form).  SCy-Fy: Thanks for stopping by, Neil. You are best known for Clarkesworld, but you also have a new initiative. NC: This month, I’ve launched Forever, a reprint science fiction magazine that will… Continue reading Interview with Neil Clarke (Clarkesworld, Forever, Upgraded)

Interview with Rob Bedford (SFFWorld,, SF Signal)

This afternoon I’ll be lumbering around looking for rare sunlight together with the original Blogosaurus, Rob Bedford. Rob’s been at the blogging gig since dinosaurs roamed the earth (one of his many college nicknames was actually Dinosaur Bedford in a reference to The Tick). He’s been participating in the online genre community/fandom since joining SFFWorld… Continue reading Interview with Rob Bedford (SFFWorld,, SF Signal)

Interview with Dave Robison (Roundtable Podcast)

My guest today is Dave Robison, founder and host of the Roundtable Podcast. SCy-Fy: How do you prepare for a show, Dave? DR: Each episode of the RTP starts with a “creageous” (creative and courageous) Guest Writer submitting a request to be on the show. Part of the Guest Query form includes a list of authors/editors… Continue reading Interview with Dave Robison (Roundtable Podcast)

Interview with Tabitha Jensen (Not Yet Read)

Today’s guest is blogger Tabitha Jensen of Not Yet Read. She spends her days devouring SFF fiction books of all kinds. When she isn’t reading,  blogging or dabbling in art she can be found schmoozing it up with readers and authors on social media. Be sure to hit her up on Blog, Twitter or Instagram.  SCy-Fy:… Continue reading Interview with Tabitha Jensen (Not Yet Read)

Interview with Layers of Thought

For the thirtieth interview in this series, I’m talking with Shellie who, together with John, runs Layers of Thought, an eclectic blog with an affinity for the speculative. SCy-Fy: Just how eclectic is your blog, Shellie? LOT: We review science fiction, historical fantasy and horror. We also read outside of SFF&H and enjoy historical fiction,… Continue reading Interview with Layers of Thought

Interview with Podcaster Paul Weimer

My guest today is genre reader, writer and podcaster Paul Weimer. SCy-Fy: Paul, you are involved in a wide variety of podcasts. How do you ensure that you are always well prepared? PW: Research, Research, Research. If I am on Skiffy and Fanty and we’re talking to an author, I’ve read the book and thought about… Continue reading Interview with Podcaster Paul Weimer

Interview with Jerry Stearns (Great Northern Audio)

Tonight I’ll be jamming till dawn with Jerry Stearns, host of Sound Affects: A Radio Playground, and half of the Great Northern Audio Theatre. SCy-Fy: Jerry, podcasts are becoming very popular at the moment, but you work on audio in a completely different way. JS: What I do is a weekly broadcast hour of modern audio… Continue reading Interview with Jerry Stearns (Great Northern Audio)