Space Exploration, Space Race, Outer Space Treaty, Moon Treaty

A piece on space exploration, the space race, Outer Space Treaty, Moon Treaty, Cosmo-Skymed, Copernicus space system, Orion space programme:  

Interrogation Techniques, Brain Washing, Torture

A piece on interrogation techniques, brain washing, torture, CIA, Army Field Manual, Guantanamo Bay:  

Life Extension, Cryonics, SENS, Life Expectancy

A piece on life extension, Ayurveda, life expectancy, cryonics, ageing, longevity, SENS:  

Mind Uploading, Brain Simulation, Blue Brain Project, Transhumanism

A piece on mind uploading, brain simulation, Blue Brain Project, Thomas Nagel, transhumanism, IBM, philosophy of mind, strong AI:

Poem: “Superstring Theory”

Some physicists say there are really twenty-six dimensions, but since the Big Bang the four we know have become incredibly large and we don’t perceive the other twenty-two. If they are right, there are many dimensions of time apart from our familiar rushing, dragging, nostalgic, painful one. One for all the time we spend lying… Continue reading Poem: “Superstring Theory”