Poem: Life in Three Psychotherapeutic Epsiodes

Our first years pass in Freudian bliss. We are all there is apart from sex, which is all around.  It offers itself from mother, food and everything else. Sadly, the innocent joys of childhood do not linger on into sexless sex-obsessed adolescence, when we slaver like Pavlovian dogs over every unapproachable wet dream that rings… Continue reading Poem: Life in Three Psychotherapeutic Epsiodes

Poem: “Superstring Theory”

Some physicists say there are really twenty-six dimensions, but since the Big Bang the four we know have become incredibly large and we don’t perceive the other twenty-two. If they are right, there are many dimensions of time apart from our familiar rushing, dragging, nostalgic, painful one. One for all the time we spend lying… Continue reading Poem: “Superstring Theory”