Continent of Insects

There were huge clumps of ants now, dragging bigger and bigger loads. She bent down to see what they were carrying. Something round and white. An eye. A human eye. My homeland of Australia is justly famous for its strange mammals. However, Australia is, above all, the continent of insects. The vast, hot land is… Continue reading Continent of Insects

Hugo Awards 2016

I am very pleased to say that this blog has just been included on the  Hugo Awards longlist recommendations on the nerds of a feather site. In the middle of some mighty genre sites and people appear these very generous words: “SCy-Fy (Stuart Flynn, ed.) – massive number of interviews with genre bloggers at a time of great change… Continue reading Hugo Awards 2016

SCy-Fy: 2015 in review

Happy New Year, everyone! 2015 was the first full year of this blog. The raw stats say 120 posts and 21,000 hits: Click here to see the complete report. This was a year of two very different halves, though. Most of those posts and hits came in the first half, when I was still living in… Continue reading SCy-Fy: 2015 in review

RIP Dorothy Lumley: One Year On

My former literary agent Dorothy Lumley died one year ago. That distance makes me realise how valuable her feedback was to me. It is also clear now that Dorothy was probably one of the last of an old-fashioned type of literary agent. She wasn’t based in London and she was low-tech. The world moves on,… Continue reading RIP Dorothy Lumley: One Year On

First Post

Welcome to the blog of S. C. Flynn (SCyFlynn). I will be posting about what I have read, what I am reading and what interests me. I will also be posting published poems, videos of poetry readings and photographs of places that inspire my writing.