Inconstant Moon by Larry Niven

An early 70s last night of the world story that ends up as an apocalyptic story looking forward to the post-apocalypse. Niven rigorously explores the various explanations and possibilities. The suspense (which of the above categories will we finish in?) is very well maintained. By the end, I really wanted the main characters to survive to… Continue reading Inconstant Moon by Larry Niven

Passengers by Robert Silverberg

A great story from the early 70s that still stands up really well today. Earth has been infested for three years by creatures known as The Passengers. They exist on a purely mental plane, so no one has ever seen them or knows what they are. They might be aliens or evil spirits; the story… Continue reading Passengers by Robert Silverberg

SFF, The Collective Unconscious and Reincarnation

Reincarnation and past lives have been very popular themes in science fiction and fantasy. The collective unconscious, as formulated by the psychotherapist Carl Jung, though less immediately understandable and less famous, has also been used as the basis for very interesting fiction. The collective unconscious was one of Carl Jung’s most influential theories; it consists essentially… Continue reading SFF, The Collective Unconscious and Reincarnation

Space Exploration, Space Race, Outer Space Treaty, Moon Treaty

A piece on space exploration, the space race, Outer Space Treaty, Moon Treaty, Cosmo-Skymed, Copernicus space system, Orion space programme:  

Interrogation Techniques, Brain Washing, Torture

A piece on interrogation techniques, brain washing, torture, CIA, Army Field Manual, Guantanamo Bay:  

Life Extension, Cryonics, SENS, Life Expectancy

A piece on life extension, Ayurveda, life expectancy, cryonics, ageing, longevity, SENS:  

Mind Uploading, Brain Simulation, Blue Brain Project, Transhumanism

A piece on mind uploading, brain simulation, Blue Brain Project, Thomas Nagel, transhumanism, IBM, philosophy of mind, strong AI:

Post-apocalyptic Science Fiction and Early Medieval Fantasy

The novels I am currently revising for publication include post-apocalyptic science fiction and early medieval fantasy. For me at least, there is a logical connection between these sub-genres. From the European point of view, the early Middle Ages was a time of enormous change after the collapse of the western Roman Empire: new peoples, huge population decline,… Continue reading Post-apocalyptic Science Fiction and Early Medieval Fantasy