Bridging Earth and Sky


In certain moments, I open the door

that leads down to the hidden place. The musty air

of neglect and broken resolutions

meets me each time and the steps are covered

with dust that I sweep away with my feet.

It takes courage to descend without light,

but I know it is the best way. Darkness

soon joins with silence and the air is still

and cool. I never reach the bottom step,

but the vapour of the limitless draught

stored below rises, filling me with peace,

inebriating me with hope, until

I must climb the steps again

to face the tiring assaults of the senses.


Streams of flying ants are bursting

from the ground, pouring out

through cracks in the hard baked dirt

like jets of steam from a heaving cake;

not thrown into this world to find their way

but bridging earth and sky

for a million simultaneous moments

on fresh disposable wings,

thrust up by an annual depth impulse

that millions of years still haven’t satisfied

and then whirring into the blue furnace

towards a future as ancient

as the endless red dust they come from.

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