FyreCon: Putting the “Con” back in “Con”!

Following the recent success of the Fyre Festival musical extravaganza, we are pleased to give advance notice of FyreCon 1 in 2018, an exclusive science fiction and fantasy convention!
-Luxury accommodation in GRRM’s beard
-Famous authors may or may not be present
-Welcome packs may or may not include rare signed editions
-An opportunity to live off the land in life-or-death competition with other fans
-Agent v publisher cage matches
-“Hunt the critic with blowpipes” fun for the kids
-Meet sexy single fans, who may or may not be random models with no existence outside the con’s Instagram account
… all for just the gross earnings of you and your family’s next five reincarnations.
FyreCon: putting the “con” back in “con”!
Legal Note (with thanks to Jeff Patterson): The existence of FyreCon, its minimal required infrastructure, and any ancillary requirements for it to be reasonably considered to actually exist, cannot be confirmed or denied until at least three business days (adjusted for offshore timezones) after your payment has cleared.

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