Children of the Different in paperback

The print version of my novel CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT is now available. Buy it on Amazon or direct from CreateSpace.

The paperback is as beautiful as I could have hoped. Artist Eric Nyquist’s striking cover really leaps out at you in print, and Eric has added neat back cover and spine art. Formatter Tim Marquitz designed a very nice interior layout – check out the samples on the Amazon page!

The words inside the book were carefully overseen by copyeditor Richard Shealy. Thanks to Eric, Tim and Richard for their efforts in helping to create the top class product I dreamt of.

Advance reviews for the novel were good. Here are the blurbs contained in the paperback version (all with permission of the reviewers):

“An imaginative success, fully realized in every way, easy to digest, and utterly enjoyable to read.” – Bookwraiths

“Exciting and fresh, a take on post-apocalyptic narratives that I hadn’t encountered before.” – Fantasy Literature

“If you enjoy post-apocalyptic adventures then Children of the Different should definitely hit your radar.” – A Fantastical Librarian

“Smart, engrossing young adult fiction that doesn’t talk down to its target audience.” – The Eloquent Page

“Recommended if you’re looking for a fresh and exciting experience in an otherwise overcrowded genre.” – The Fictional Hangout

“For fans of YA and younger readers there’s a lot to like in Children of the Different and I’d definitely recommend it to you. Likewise, adults and post-apocalyptic fans will also find enjoyment in the book too.” – The Tattooed Book Geek

“Solid characters, a really good setting, and some nice twists to the plot. Recommended!” – Who’s Dreaming Who

“Children of the Different is trippy and surreal, and is a thought-provoking adventure.” – Books Without Any Pictures

“What I found…was an interesting world with intelligent characters, always an enjoyable combination for me.” – Purple Owl Reviews

“A bright star in the sky that will light up your imagination!” – Red Star Reviews

“At times, it was beautiful and strange, and at other times I was biting my nails in anticipation of what would happen to our heroes.”Dab of Darkness

“I really enjoyed the book. Siblings are still a rather rare choice for protagonists and both Australia and the dream world were interesting settings.” – Mervi’s Book Reviews

“The love and the strong bond the main characters share is the power that drives them forward through hardships and terror, and it’s a delightful and very real emotion to behold.” Space and Sorcery

“I was charmed by this engrossing, genuinely exciting book…I have no hesitation in recommending this entertaining adventure for fantasy fans, young and old, who would like something different.”- Brain Fluff

“A debut that is not to be missed.” – The Bandwagon


In the Acknowledgements section of the paperback, I took the opportunity to thank some people (apart from the support team) who welcomed me into the genre community when I first started blogging and who have been encouraging while I battled through the self-publication process:

Nicolette Stewart, Wendell Adams, Michael J. Sullivan, Mark Lawrence, Paul Weimer, John DeNardo, Rob Bedford, Shaun Duke, The G and the gang at Nerds of a Feather, Kat Hooper, Kate Lechler, Dave Robison, Dakota Lopez, Mieneke van der Salm, Mihir Wanchoo, Lynn Williams, Bob Milne, Tyson Mauermann, Lisa McCurrach, Dag Rambraut, Shana Dubois, Jeremy Szal, Tammy Sparks, Galen Strickland, James Schmidt, Dan Oliviera, Joe Crowe, Evan Carter and Dave Nelson.

Thanks to all of you and anyone I have forgotten.

So now CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT is out there in print, ebook and audiobook, all on Amazon – enjoy!


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