Reviews Roundup III

It’s been a while since I collected some of the latest reviews on my novel CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT (released in September) so here is a small selection; click on the links for the full review. Speculative Book Review: “Hits all the right buttons and does so with efficiency. Recommended.” BiblioSanctum:  “A nice blend of many genres,… Continue reading Reviews Roundup III

Blog Tour Part II

The CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT blog tour has recently concluded – thanks to all the sites that participated. I previously posted about the first half of the tour here. Here is the second half:   September 25 – “Tree Gods Dripping Tears” on MightyThorJRS September 26 – Campus chat on Planetary Defense Command September 27… Continue reading Blog Tour Part II

Children of the Different in paperback

The print version of my novel CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT is now available. Buy it on Amazon or direct from CreateSpace. The paperback is as beautiful as I could have hoped. Artist Eric Nyquist’s striking cover really leaps out at you in print, and Eric has added neat back cover and spine art. Formatter Tim… Continue reading Children of the Different in paperback