It Speaks!

Three weeks till the official launch of CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT and I can’t help feeling nervous!

The Kindle ebook has been available for pre-order for some time; the audiobook is now available either through Amazon or directly from Audible Narrator Stephen Briggs did a great job.

The first advance reviews are up at Goodreads and are going well; these experienced readers and reviewers are hard to impress, so I am pleased with their reactions so far.

It is too soon for many blog reviews to have appeared, but there have been two very good ones so far – from Space and Sorcery and Purple Owl Reviews Both of these are detailed four-star reviews, which is satisfying.

Thanks to all the reviewers. Like every novelist ever has probably felt, it is a great feeling when other people enter into your imaginary world, and even better when they “get” what you are trying to do, as many of the reviewers seem to have.

I really appreciate the encouragement I have received from various people along the way; it has been a long ride and we are nearly there!




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