An Interview with Geekritique!

Hanging out with Dakota Lopez of Geekritique


Hey, fellow geeks. Odd tidings. The tables have turned, and now I’m the one being interviewed. Fellow blogger and Science Fiction aficionado S.C. Flynn, has seen fit to interview me about my personal blogging experience. He’s on a mission to collect interviews from several science fiction/fantasy bloggers as a useful genre resource. Check out his site, S.C. Flynn, as he has a ton of really impressive blogs and podcasts already interviewed, or go directly to my interview. Either way, I’m reblogging it below.

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Today I’m hanging with Geekritique, or more formally Dakota Lopez. The blog’s title says it all. He’s a big geek and has a lot to say about popular culture, be that books, movies, shows, etc. As such, most of the content on Geekritique is reviews, but he’s not afraid to highlight movie trailers, editorials, or try and drum up conversation…

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