Great Science Fiction and Fantasy Sentences

Earlier this year, Claire Armitstead in the Guardian newspaper posed the question whether genre fiction sentences can equal those found in literary writers such as Joyce or Beckett. Science fiction writers like Gibson, Banks and M. John Harrison were mentioned as possible genre sources for great sentences. I have thought quite a lot about this since… Continue reading Great Science Fiction and Fantasy Sentences

Science Fiction/Fantasy Links

Here is a revised list of useful SFF links of various kinds: bloggers, magazines, organisations, writers and others. Suggestions for further links are welcome: A Fantasy Reader A Dribble of Ink Analog Apex Asimov’s Beneath Ceaseless Skies Best Fantasy Books Patrick Rothfuss Bookworm Blues Bruce… Continue reading Science Fiction/Fantasy Links

List of SFF Links

I have now assembled a fairly comprehensive list of SFF links  in my page’s sidebar and set out below: blogs, magazines, writers, organisations. Many will be familiar but there are some lesser-known interesting links as well. I hope this list will help you to find lots of good reading and contacts. Any suggestions for further links are welcome!… Continue reading List of SFF Links

RIP Dorothy Lumley: One Year On

My former literary agent Dorothy Lumley died one year ago. That distance makes me realise how valuable her feedback was to me. It is also clear now that Dorothy was probably one of the last of an old-fashioned type of literary agent. She wasn’t based in London and she was low-tech. The world moves on,… Continue reading RIP Dorothy Lumley: One Year On