Poem: From the Notebooks of Poet J XIX – XXII




I sat for hours

creating a poem

in my head

It was so complete,

so perfect

that I didn’t need

to write it down



XX.        MULTI-PURPOSE POEM [Written in black marker pen on a kitchen sponge]


When a sad poem

is required,

immerse in water, read

and squeeze out the tears

Create your own variations

as the mood takes you



XXI.       PLANNING AHEAD [Written on successive pages of a blank diary]


I wrote this poem

ten years ago

I hope one day

to understand it



XXII. TRUTH [Composed of words and pictures

                         cut out of erotic magazines and glued on orange



One moment

before waking

it all made

perfect sense


(from “The God in the Box”, Agàpe Publications, 2003)


Poetry, poem, speculative poetry, science fiction poetry, Australian poetry, British poetry

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