Poem: From the Notebooks of Poet J X – XIV


X.           AMBITION [Video film of birds feeding with author’s voiceover]


There is

no failure


complete success


XI.   HONESTY [Handwritten in large letters  

diagonally, with the first and last words disappearing off the page]



is a real poem

and I

am a real poet


XII.       DUPLICATION [A photograph of the identical words written on three different pairs of female buttocks]



is a work of art


is another matter


XIII.     REMINDER [Written in red ink on a

           Venetian carnival mask]



we see

could just as well

be different


XIV.     INVITATION [Written on the first page of a

                            family photo album]


Here is a book

of emotions

Feel free

to tear them out

and rearrange them

as you think fit

After all,

they are

someone else’s


(from “The God in the Box”, Agàpe Publications, 2003)


Poetry, poem, speculative poetry, science fiction poetry, Australian poetry, British poetry

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