Poem: From the Notebooks of Poet J I – V


I. SECRET POEM [Written in white ink on a closed        

                   black box]


The content of this poem

is invisible

and known only

to the writer







the author is gone

do you need him


III. BELIEF [Printed on a signed, notarised and      

officially sealed statement]


These words

have no artistic merit,

no irony,

no point


IV. DETAILS [Printed as a label on a sealed cylinder]


This poem was written on July 18

It has six lines

and asks what a poem is

and whether you really need to see it

If a viewing is still desired,

push down the marked end of the cylinder

and twist firmly to remove the cap




Read my mind

and then write down

the poem you find there

I leave it up to you

whether to claim the credit

or not


(from “The God in the Box”, Agàpe Publications, 2003)


Poetry, poem, speculative poetry, science fiction poetry, Australian poetry, British poetry

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