Poem: Search Engines

What of those moments when we are touched

by a feeling, sense or knowledge

that connects us to the inexpressible?

I had one as a child.

My father very seriously explained

that it had been a taste of God’s love.

Although I did not understand,

this satisfied me for some years.

As a struggling physics student,

the eternal moment that occurred

just before my finals

was clearly the result

of some form of resonance

between the quantum vacuum

that contains the universe’s potential

and my overworked mind. After failing,

I put the later moments down

to what I was taking, to reabsorption

of the self into its Vedantic source,

or awareness

of the Buddhist Void, depending on

which I was into that week. Now I just wish

the moments would return. I promise

not to hurt them, but just to adore them.


(from “Seneca the Spin Doctor, Acumen Publications, 2001)


Poetry, poem, speculative poetry, science fiction poetry, Australian poetry, British poetry

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