a poem about growing old

SIXTH VIEW OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS New Zealand, 1200 AD The heavens need a heavy anchor, so hold them back, Te Punga, hold back the rushing nights. Soon the sky boat will carry me off while I cling to its trailing rope, but until then, hold it back, Te Punga. Published in Cyphers Get a… Continue reading a poem about growing old

a poem about human smallness

Iceberg Breaking Free Australian Antarctic Territory, midsummer A penguin sneezes and the world erupts. That grinding groan you hear is the sound of a continent making love, the blue mountain heaving and churning under the flat white sheet. Do you still think that if we weren’t here to listen the sound would cease to be,… Continue reading a poem about human smallness

a true horror poem

A PAGE FROM THE HISTORY OF BIOLOGICAL WARFARE The Siege of Caffa. Crimea, 1346 The stench of these latest victims flies far beyond the power of words but soon they will be gone. Even now you can hear the catapults straining, the taut ropes twanging ever tighter as the corpses are loaded for shooting, arms… Continue reading a true horror poem

a poem about belonging

ANTARCTIC YELLOW Australian Antarctic Territory You’ve come all this way for the Southern Lights but they’re on strike again. Then someone says let’s go see the snow petrel, the cute white dove that bathes in the snow of the continent of peace, and on the way you wonder if you could belong like the petrel.… Continue reading a poem about belonging

an anguished poem

SIDE EFFECTS Back in the slanting, tilted days we tore great chunks off each other and then crept slowly apart, not looking back, like sidling crabs over cooling sands and wrote with bloody fingers on the walls words that still drip down to acid puddles. I wished I could cry in my sleep and wait… Continue reading an anguished poem

Interview with Diane Severson (StarShipSofa and Amazing Stories)

I’m talking with Diane Severson, podcaster for StarShipSofa (Poetry Planet) and staff blogger on Speculative Poetry for Amazing Stories Magazine. SCy-Fy: Diane, I am very pleased to have finally got the chance to speak to you. How do you go about obtaining the poetry for your podcast shows? DS: Let’s see, about 2 years in… Continue reading Interview with Diane Severson (StarShipSofa and Amazing Stories)

Poem: Sleepless, Fearing Commitment

Distracted, I moulded the darkness into the shape of your hips while you slept. Through the pillow I felt the splitting edge of the mental knife I’d stashed there overnight. Thinking I’d said too much already, I stopped my betraying mouth and started to think that this was just my body lying there, while my… Continue reading Poem: Sleepless, Fearing Commitment

Poem: Omens

I should have known from the retching crow that passed on my way to the station that morning. The signs were there in the sprinkle of chocolate on my cappuccino, in the graph of plunging share prices hidden in the newspaper’s entrails. She’s gone; I should have known. The signs were there this evening as… Continue reading Poem: Omens