Reviews of Children of the Different

Here are some of the reviews of CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT. The response has been very good, with an Amazon average rating of above 4/5.

Further ratings and reviews can be found on the book’s Goodreads page.


 Fantasy Book Review: “Left me wanting more at the end.”

Speculative Book Review: “Hits all the right buttons and does so with efficiency. Recommended.”

BiblioSanctum:  “A nice blend of many genres, with themes from both sci-fi and fantasy mingling happily together.”

Geek Planet Online: “A very refreshing fantasy début that subverts genre clichés.”

Books Bones & Buffy: “A unique setting and an irresistible concept.”

“Exciting and fresh, a take on post-apocalyptic narratives that I hadn’t encountered before.” – Fantasy Literature Read the full review here 

“A debut that is not to be missed” – The Bandwagon Read the full review here

“You want to read this” – The Irresponsible Reader Read the full review here

“A good number of authors could pick up a few pointers by reading “Children of the Different” – Planetary Defense Command Read the full review here

“Some quick action, a couple of good hooks, and the story is off to the races” – Every Day Should Be Tuesday Read the full review here

“An imaginative success, fully realized in every way, easy to digest, and utterly enjoyable to read.” – Bookwraiths Read the full review here

“If you enjoy post-apocalyptic adventures then Children of the Different should definitely hit your radar.” – A Fantastical Librarian Read the full review here

“Smart, engrossing young adult fiction that doesn’t talk down to its target audience.” – The Eloquent Page Read the full review here

“Recommended if you’re looking for a fresh and exciting experience in an otherwise overcrowded genre” – The Fictional Hangout Read the full review here

“For fans of YA and younger readers there’s a lot to like in Children of the Different and I’d definitely recommend it to you. Likewise, adults and post-apocalyptic fans will also find enjoyment in the book too.” – The Tattooed Book Geek Read the full review here

“Solid characters, a really good setting, and some nice twists to the plot. Recommended!” – Who’s Dreaming Who Read the full review here

“Children of the Different is trippy and surreal, and is a thought-provoking adventure.” – Books Without Any Pictures Read the full review here

“What I found…was an interesting world with intelligent characters, always an enjoyable combination for me.” – Purple Owl Reviews Read the full review here

“A bright star in the sky that will light up your imagination!” – Red Star Reviews Read the full review here

“At times, it was beautiful and strange, and at other times I was biting my nails in anticipation of what would happen to our heroes.”Dab of Darkness Read the full review here

“I really enjoyed the book. Siblings are still a rather rare choice for protagonists and both Australia and the dream world were interesting settings.” – Mervi’s Book Reviews Read the full review here

“The love and the strong bond the main characters share is the power that drives them forward through hardships and terror, and it’s a delightful and very real emotion to behold.”Space and Sorcery Read the full review here

“I was charmed by this engrossing, genuinely exciting book”- Brain Fluff Read the full review here




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