Poem: Guilt

Three times today I’ve gone to the window to see what’s happening outside. I know I’m to blame but I hope there might be someone else who’ll look out at the same time, searching for another who accepts their share of the fault. No one’s there and I feel like an astronomer hunting a dim,… Continue reading Poem: Guilt

Poem: Progress Report

It was raining indoors when I woke today to the heavy drops spattering my pillow. While I drank my first coffee at ten, a rainbow hung between the stove and fridge and the dark clouds pulled back to the corners. Through a thousand espresso mornings I’ve waited for life to make sense, heaping melted questions… Continue reading Poem: Progress Report

Poem: Still Life With Nuclear Reactor

Sizewell B power station Suffolk, England   a white, rounded mushroom mixed in the world’s cauldron   the moon brought to ground, gleaming, radiating   the giant forbidden fruit on the tree of knowledge   a perfect white bottom inviting a pinch   but it’s forbidden to touch the earth’s fertile, white belly   (from “Exercises in… Continue reading Poem: Still Life With Nuclear Reactor