Poem: Still Life With Nuclear Reactor

Sizewell B power station Suffolk, England   a white, rounded mushroom mixed in the world’s cauldron   the moon brought to ground, gleaming, radiating   the giant forbidden fruit on the tree of knowledge   a perfect white bottom inviting a pinch   but it’s forbidden to touch the earth’s fertile, white belly   (from “Exercises in… Continue reading Poem: Still Life With Nuclear Reactor

Poem: Slave

I was not born to this, but time has done its work. On the first day, years ago, I smashed my head against the wall like the Spartan boy seeking death rather than tolerate servitude. But walls soften, and the routine I once so strongly resisted has become instead a barrier against the freedom I could… Continue reading Poem: Slave

Poem: Search Engines

What of those moments when we are touched by a feeling, sense or knowledge that connects us to the inexpressible? I had one as a child. My father very seriously explained that it had been a taste of God’s love. Although I did not understand, this satisfied me for some years. As a struggling physics… Continue reading Poem: Search Engines

Poem: An Appeal on Behalf of the Greek Philosophers Corroboration Fund

Long, long ago in a country far, far away, Anaxagoras wrote that in the beginning everything was combined in one mass. Billions of research dollars later, scientists said that before the Big Bang, there was one lump of matter, from which the universe came.   Democritus wrote that atoms form everything we see. Then, Epicurus… Continue reading Poem: An Appeal on Behalf of the Greek Philosophers Corroboration Fund