Four Poems

OLD TESTAMENT PLAGUES IN NEW MILLENNIUM CITY Inboxes swarm with junk mail locusts. Flies of stress buzz in corridors and settle in meeting rooms. Silicone boils gather and a collagen plague sweeps the cattle markets. Viruses pulsate through electronic veins and erupt on traders’ screens. The rivers of the underground run red with anger. No… Continue reading Four Poems

A Lesson from Loneliness

STRAW MEN IN THE FIELDS OF THE MIND Nothing stays the same when you look at it for long enough. There always remains an empty reality in the centre, a little town abandoned by the imagination; as soon as someone has been there, they tend to talk a lot less. It’s a feeling of being… Continue reading A Lesson from Loneliness

The Great Dying

An apocalyptic poem today that tries to capture the atmosphere of a world collapsing in various ways. The title is the name given to one of the largest ever extinction event’s in the Earth’s history, long before that of the dinosaurs.  The predators are returning to the cities; their gleaming eyes flit through rubbish dumps… Continue reading The Great Dying

Children of the Different: Novel

My Australian Young Adult post-apocalyptic fantasy novel Children of the Different is available in ebook, paperback and audiobook on these stores: Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon Australia Amazon India Amazon Singapore (paperback) Amazon Japan Wantitall South Africa Barnes & Noble (Nook) ibooks (ebook) ibooks (audiobook) Kobo

Mandatory Potato Poem

My grandad dug potatoes for a living long ago in Australia when he was young, chiselling them out of the hard-baked soil then leaving the field each day exhausted with his back bent as low as the landscape; resilient and adaptable like the generations before him, humble but proud like the potato itself. A tour… Continue reading Mandatory Potato Poem


Uluru, central Australia, 1000 BC You run fast, emu in the sky, on your long black legs. In every season that I’ve carried my children behind my husband you have been above. And the tree possum over your head has watched us with his hand of shining eyes. Stay over us, sky emu. Watch us… Continue reading FIRST VIEW OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS