The Mother of Monsters

‘That creature that feeds on life is me. The Anteater.’ Anteaters are some of the weirdest creatures in the world, I’ve always thought. The aardvark, the giant anteater of South America, the pangolin. Australia, of course, has its own examples. In the forest of south west Western Australia, where I come from, lives a very… Continue reading The Mother of Monsters

Continent of Insects

There were huge clumps of ants now, dragging bigger and bigger loads. She bent down to see what they were carrying. Something round and white. An eye. A human eye. My homeland of Australia is justly famous for its strange mammals. However, Australia is, above all, the continent of insects. The vast, hot land is… Continue reading Continent of Insects

Life in the Wheat Bin

When I was four years old or so in South West Western Australia, I used to spend a lot of time sitting in a wheat bin, making up stories. I think the bin was partly filled with wheat used to feed the chickens. At least, that was its mundane function; for me, it was a… Continue reading Life in the Wheat Bin

The Whole Story (so far)

Here you can find links to all the relevant information about me and my YA post-apocalyptic novel CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT (released September 2016 on Kindle ebook, print and Audible audiobook). ABOUT ME AMAZON BOOK PAGE AMAZON AUTHOR PAGE REVIEWS OF CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT TESTIMONIALS BLOG TOUR SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER 2016 GOODREADS BOOK PAGE… Continue reading The Whole Story (so far)

$0.99 Discount Announcement

Hi everybody. Just to say that the Kindle ebook of CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT is available for just $0.99 for a short time on Amazon. Many Books is one of the sites participating in the promotion: So – maybe spend big before the election, because after it, who knows if there will still be that kind of… Continue reading $0.99 Discount Announcement

Reviews Roundup III

It’s been a while since I collected some of the latest reviews on my novel CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT (released in September) so here is a small selection; click on the links for the full review. Speculative Book Review: “Hits all the right buttons and does so with efficiency. Recommended.” BiblioSanctum:  “A nice blend of many genres,… Continue reading Reviews Roundup III

Blog Tour Part II

The CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT blog tour has recently concluded – thanks to all the sites that participated. I previously posted about the first half of the tour here. Here is the second half:   September 25 – “Tree Gods Dripping Tears” on MightyThorJRS September 26 – Campus chat on Planetary Defense Command September 27… Continue reading Blog Tour Part II