At eight in the morning the city exhales its gritty breath laced with the odour of standing rubbish and lagered dew dripping down walls. Outside my front door, I become aware while walking the semiotic streets of so many needs I didn’t know I had last night. They call from billboards and shout from the… Continue reading NEEDS

Empty Trees

A town, complete in indifference, where noon falls heavy as a concrete slab and the days are long, bright and vast, far too large for their meagre content, waiting for the promised arrival of something. There should be vultures on those branches watching the efforts of the humans to give a semblance of meaning to… Continue reading Empty Trees


It was raining indoors when I woke todayto the heavy drops spattering my pillow.While I drank my first coffee at elevena rainbow hung between the stove and fridgeand the dark clouds retreated to the corners.The voice began to speak about midday,saying this was another phase of life,that everyone is a work of artbut originality is… Continue reading PROGRESS REPORT