Two Irish Poems

BETWEEN MEATH AND KILDARE I wander, a solitary foragerlike Australia’s formidable Bull Ant,but my mind keeps going back and forth,asking if life is just a random lineon a map without scale or direction,as the Royal Canal I’m followingpasses from Meath to Kildare and back again.Maybe these kinds of thoughts were useful once,when contemplation could find… Continue reading Two Irish Poems

Two Australian Poems

SALT LAKE Sometimes the future’s flight is straight and smoothlike shining summer runwaysbut then it brings you way out herewhere the ground is endless crustthat snaps underneath your feetto free the thick black sludge that lurks belowand where the trees are pale dry prisonersthrust deep in permanent winter,their bony arms stretched wide in pleadingto whoever… Continue reading Two Australian Poems


Leeuwin Lighthouse, Western Australia The Indian and Southern oceans touch and then follow separate destinies. Humpback whales roll in the water, slapping their fins to send out spray and messages. Seabirds carry nest materials, dropping little pieces on the way as signposts. A magpie lands close by and sings; maybe to my red jumper, maybe… Continue reading Hope