Under a sky the colour of extinction you choose your own conclusion. The Earth might have already done so: somewhere in its whirling mass of DNA and infinite genetic possibilities is the clue to what will replace us. Perhaps an existing creature will evolve, switching on latent capabilities that have lain dormant for millennia, or… Continue reading INHERITANCE

House Arrest

The spiders in the corners are my guards. They hang from webs, long legs gripping strands, sensing every quiver of my nerves. Somewhere out there are the other rooms where the lives I might have led are locked while the many people I might have been stand in corridors and pound on doors. My spinning… Continue reading House Arrest


A homeless moon lingers over the town. I linger with it, both of us bracing for single combat with oblivion at the crossroads where silence is spoken. I was interrogated once again during the night but betrayed only myself. I want to believe in the future and in life’s rosy emptiness, but shadows block my… Continue reading EYEWITNESS OF THE INVISIBLE