Uluru, central Australia, 1000 BC You run fast, emu in the sky, on your long black legs. In every season that I’ve carried my children behind my husband you have been above. And the tree possum over your head has watched us with his hand of shining eyes. Stay over us, sky emu. Watch us… Continue reading FIRST VIEW OF THE SOUTHERN CROSS

Bridging Earth and Sky

THE WINE CELLAR In certain moments, I open the door that leads down to the hidden place. The musty air of neglect and broken resolutions meets me each time and the steps are covered with dust that I sweep away with my feet. It takes courage to descend without light, but I know it is… Continue reading Bridging Earth and Sky

Love Explained, Or Not

For Claudia Maybe it absolutely had to be according to the laws of physics; it often feels that way, for sure, as if the whole history of the universe – the creation of the elements that made us in the hearts of vanished stars, the forming of the galaxies and planets, Earth’s atmosphere and seas,… Continue reading Love Explained, Or Not