sleepless, fearing commitment

Distracted, I moulded the darkness into the shape of your hips while you slept. Through the pillow I felt the splitting edge of the mental knife I’d stashed there overnight. Thinking I’d said too much already, I stopped my betraying mouth and started to think that this was just my body lying there, while my… Continue reading sleepless, fearing commitment

everything flows

                                                   EVERYTHING FLOWS The droplet born on the airless peak blends into the fresh, unspoiled stream first seen in bubbling infancy, hurrying over rocks of which it is ignorant, growing rapidly, impatient to reach the surging river, but even the river finally slows and calms, becoming a sedate brook set in its ways and laden… Continue reading everything flows

More Poems of Australian Childhood

THE COCONUT There had never been a coconut in our townuntil my sister ordered one from the shop.We waited months for it to arriveand almost drove Mr Baldini crazyasking for news of this round messengerfrom the outside world we’d never seen.When the coconut finally arrived,it was like a taste of the exotic,a cure for our… Continue reading More Poems of Australian Childhood