Four Weeks to Go!

Hi everybody!

The big news is that my Australian Young Adult post-apocalyptic novel CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT publishes on 10 September in Kindle ebook, as well as in print and audiobook. Naturally I am excited about this; I hope that you as a member of the “Hive” are excited and curious, and that you will help me spread the word.

After years of writing and editing the novel, I have been working with a great support team since January this year to produce CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT to the highest standard possible. And now the moment of publication is nearly here!

Advance review copies were sent out some time ago and the first reviews are up on Goodreads. There should be lots of reviews on science fiction and fantasy sites starting around the publication date, so keep an eye out for those.

On 14 September, I will begin a three-week publicity blog tour on various genre sites and podcasts. There will be guest posts by me, interviews and podcast chats. Just before the blog tour starts, I will post details of exactly what I am doing, when and where.


Now some practical stuff. If you are intending to buy the book, please try to do so on the publication date or shortly after; or alternatively pre-order. The reason for this is that early sales help to make a book more visible to potential readers on Amazon.

If you like the book, please place a review or at least a rating straight after publication on Amazon and any other sites that you can.

I hope you enjoy CHILDREN OF THE DIFFERENT. I am very pleased that I will shortly be able to share it with you.


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