Hugo Awards 2016

I am very pleased to say that this blog has just been included on the  Hugo Awards longlist recommendations on the nerds of a feather site.

In the middle of some mighty genre sites and people appear these very generous words:

“SCy-Fy (Stuart Flynn, ed.) – massive number of interviews with genre bloggers at a time of great change in the “industry.” Plus the most parsimonious/elegant book reviews you will find anywhere.”

I feel like I have just been granted entry to the sanctum sanctorum… .

Thanks, guys! I am flattered to be included in such great company (many of whom I have interviewed – see the complete list here). Thanks also to all my interviewees and everyone who has taken an interest in what I have tried to do.

Anyone who blogs, reviews, podcasts, etc, knows how tough it can be, so getting some recognition is worth a lot.

Thanks again, nerds of a feather!


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