Back to the Land of my (great-great-great-grand) Fathers

There are big changes underway here at SCy-Fy. To take up a new day job I have just moved countries, from Italy to Ireland. My family left Ireland four generations and 160 years ago and I am the first to return.

To celebrate this, the look of the blog has changed from Italian azzurro to the black and white of Guinness beer. Cheers! 

I am now living in Dublin, a city founded by my distant ancestors more than a thousand years ago:

Skallagrim in Ventaburh (2)

Arriving by boat last week. The fashions may have changed…

Day job pressure and life changes will make my blogging and social media activity irregular for a while, but I haven’t forgotten you all!

2 thoughts on “Back to the Land of my (great-great-great-grand) Fathers

  1. Wow! That’s huge! You did say (to me at least) that something like this could happen… Hope you are settling in well and bored enough in your free time to blog a little!

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