Interview with Dag Rambraut (SFFWorld)

My guest today is Dag Rambraut, the owner of, one of the oldest genre websites on the internet. Dag established the site in 1997 and remains in charge of technical aspects, organization and conducting interviews. SCy-Fy: The site has always been a hobby for you, Dag. Tell me about a typical day. DR: There… Continue reading Interview with Dag Rambraut (SFFWorld)

Interview with Jeremy Szal (StarShipSofa)

It’s almost closing time at the pub and I’m still trading beers with Jeremy Szal, assistant editor of Hugo award-winning podcast StarShipSofa. SCy-Fy: Jeremy, I guess we should finally start this interview before they throw us out. How do you prepare for a show? JS: There’s a lot to it, actually. If I happen across… Continue reading Interview with Jeremy Szal (StarShipSofa)

Interview with Rob Matheny (Grimdark Fiction and The Grim Tidings Podcast)

Today’s guest is Rob Matheny of Grimdark Fiction and The Grim Tidings Podcast. SCy-Fy: Rob, the last year has been a hectic one for you in terms of online genre activity. Take me through it. RM: My story is probably a little different than other bloggers. My main internet stomping ground is a Facebook group… Continue reading Interview with Rob Matheny (Grimdark Fiction and The Grim Tidings Podcast)

Interview with Books Abound

I’m speaking with Shana of BooksAbound. Shana is an extreme bibliophile who spends every spare moment surrounding herself with books. SCy-Fy: Shana, you have recently started something new, haven’t you? BA: Yes, a monthly column at Luna Station Quarterly called Beyond the Front Tables where I highlight small and independent presses. SCy-Fy: Congratulations! That fits… Continue reading Interview with Books Abound

Interview with Diane Severson (StarShipSofa and Amazing Stories)

I’m talking with Diane Severson, podcaster for StarShipSofa (Poetry Planet) and staff blogger on Speculative Poetry for Amazing Stories Magazine. SCy-Fy: Diane, I am very pleased to have finally got the chance to speak to you. How do you go about obtaining the poetry for your podcast shows? DS: Let’s see, about 2 years in… Continue reading Interview with Diane Severson (StarShipSofa and Amazing Stories)

Interview with Anthony Vicino (One Lazy Robot)

Hi everybody. This would have been interview number 80 in this series, but I don’t have one planned for today – just a moment, there’s someone at the door. Hey, I’m Anthony Vicino, the solitary scribbling robot with a questionable work ethic responsible (or to blame) for the OneLazyRobotBlog. I have a number of short… Continue reading Interview with Anthony Vicino (One Lazy Robot)

Interview with Steve Davidson (Amazing Stories)

I am blundering around in the dark before dawn trying to keep my appointment with Steve Davidson, publisher and editor Pro-Tem of Amazing Stories magazine. SD: We’ve (fortunately) got weird hours around here. I’m generally up at 4 am (EST) and back to bed between 7 and 8 pm. SCy-Fy: That’s fortunate? SD: I say… Continue reading Interview with Steve Davidson (Amazing Stories)

Interview with ATG Reviews

Today I am talking to the founders of the website ATG Reviews: Justin, a.k.a The Wanderer and Peter, a.k.a The World Weary, Writer.  Founded in the beginning of 2013, ATG provides reviews of books, video games, films, and television shows related to the science fiction and fantasy genres as well as current events, press releases,… Continue reading Interview with ATG Reviews

Interview with Nerds of a Feather

My guest today is the G from nerds of a feather, flock together. SCy-Fy: Tell me about a typical blogging day, G.                          G: Well, ‘nerds of a feather, flock together’ is a group blog with eleven writers, and we cover a lot of ground (books, films, comics, games, etc.). So a lot of my daily… Continue reading Interview with Nerds of a Feather

Interview with Nicolette Stewart (Book Punks)

I have wandered dazed and lost through a German forest to find Nicolette Stewart, co-editor of the speculative fiction blog Book Punks, which has just celebrated its first anniversary.   SCy-Fy: Nicolette, you are still wearing your pyjamas. Have I arrived too early, or do you think the end of the world will be here before… Continue reading Interview with Nicolette Stewart (Book Punks)