Interview with Mervi’s Book Reviews

I am back in Finland, talking to Mervi, who blogs about fantasy, science fiction, and mystery books and comics at Mervi’s Book Reviews. SCy-Fy: Tell me about a normal blogging day, Mervi. M: That depends if I’m working during the day or evening. Currently, I work during the evenings, so I write my reviews during… Continue reading Interview with Mervi’s Book Reviews

Interview with The Skiffy and Fanty Show

After a long period of experimentation and hope, I have finally succeeded in making contact with the hive mind known as The Skiffy and Fanty Show, a Hugo-nominated podcast run by Shaun Duke, Julia Rios, Paul Weimer, Mike Underwood, David Annandale, Rachael Acks, Stina Leicht and Jen Zink. SCy-Fy: Thanks to all of you for… Continue reading Interview with The Skiffy and Fanty Show

Interview with Michael Senft (Relentless Reading)

Today I’ll be hanging out with Michael Senft of Relentless Reading, a blog providing Sci-Fi and Fantasy news, reviews and interviews from the Arizona desert. “A Veritable Paladin of Blogging” according to Elizabeth Bear, he is generally an obsessive sci-fi and fantasy reader, annoying his friends and family with this latest project since 2014. Now… Continue reading Interview with Michael Senft (Relentless Reading)

Interview at Scy-Fy

Originally posted on From couch to moon:
S. C. Flynn over at Scy-Fy was kind enough to invite me over to his blog for an interview. So, if you’ve ever wondered who the hell is this sarcastic twit people keep calling “Couch,” this interview might shed a little bit of light on the matter. So, tonight,…

Interview with From Couch to Moon

My guest today is Megan, who blogs about SF old and new at From Couch to Moon. SCy-Fy: What’s been happening on the blog recently, Megan? FC2M: I just completed two big initiatives: an introductory read of Gene Wolfe’s The Book of the New Sun, in which I get a little silly, and a big… Continue reading Interview with From Couch to Moon

Interview with Brent Bowen (Adventures in Scifi Publishing)

My guest today is Brent Bowen. Brent is the Executive Producer of the Hugo-nominated (by his own admission – somewhat dubiously) Adventures in Scifi Publishing podcast. Adventures in Scifi Publishing (or AISFP as many like to call it) has been podcasting about science fiction and fantasy literature since 2006. A team of dedicated volunteers donate… Continue reading Interview with Brent Bowen (Adventures in Scifi Publishing)

Interview with A. J. Odasso (Strange Horizons)

Today we return to the world of magazines. I’ll be talking to A.J. Odasso, Senior Poetry Co-Editor at Strange Horizons. SCy-Fy: The poetry department is a team effort, isn’t it? AJO: There are four of us on the Strange Horizons Poetry Department staff; Sonya Taaffe [Senior Co-Editor], Li Chua, and M.J. Cunniff [our newly recruited… Continue reading Interview with A. J. Odasso (Strange Horizons)