Sequels You Would Love to Read

What genre book(s) do you wish a sequel had been written to?

I took part in a Mind Meld on SF Signal to discuss this topic.

The Meld was presented by Paul Weimer and the other guests were Kari Sperring, Peter Newman, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Alexandra Pierce, Shaun Duke, Jaime Lee Moyer, Michael J Martinez, Rob Bedford, Fran Wilde, Ria Bridges and Heather Massey.

There is quite a connection here with my ongoing series of interviews with genre people that so far includes Paul, Rob and Ria, as well as the creator of SF Signal, John DeNardo. My contribution to the sequels Meld includes mentions of John and Paul’s towns, as well as that of Patrick Hester, who I have also interviewed. The towns are involved in one of the great genre literary mysteries… .

Further, my interview with fellow melders Alexandra Pierce and Tansy Roberts – together with their colleague from Galactic Suburbia, Alisa Krasnostein – will be appearing very soon.


What genre book(s) do you wish a sequel had been written to?

6 thoughts on “Sequels You Would Love to Read

  1. A sequel to Fahrenheit 451, eh? That would be an interesting read. I’d honestly never thought about a sequel, but you make some good points – I can see the potential.


  2. The two novels that instantly came to mind were The Goblin Emperor and The Martian.
    I know Katherine said it was it going to stay a stand-alone 😦 , but I think The Martian could have a sequel and not feel forced.


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